Tube Replacement on your RIB – Protector, Sealegs and more

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LC8 is an authority on RIB tube replacement. With 16 years of RIB re-tubing experience, we have replaced countless RIB tubes on brands such as Protector, Sealegs, Zodiac and more.

Re-tube your RIB with confidence at LC8.

How do I know when I need to replace my RIB Tubes?

It’s time for a RIB tube replacement, when your tubes are brittle, leaking and faded. Staying ahead of an imminent need is key. The last thing you want is to find yourself in mid-boating season and wasting your precious boating weekends while your RIB gets re-tubed.


Our Process. How we do it.

Like everything we do at LC8, we don’t cut corners.

  • We use military-grade Hypalon, a UV & petroleum resistant fabric that is one of the strongest and highest quality RIB materials available and something not all service centers use.
  • We apply the correct solvents and adhesion methods tested over years of experience.
  • We take a ‘pattern’ from the hull and old tubes, to ensure a precision-engineered fit.

Want to customize your tubes? No problem.

Many customers want to customize their application and add appendages, rub-rails, hand loops etc. Perhaps even change the color of their RIB tubes.  We can customize a new tube set for your inflatable with different colors, accents and features to create a one of a kind tender for you.

How long does it take to replace my RIB Tubes?

Depending on the project, it takes LC8 Marine between 4-6 weeks to complete a RIB replacement project.

Recent LC8 RIB re-tubing projects (Protector RIB and more)

See below for pictures on recent re-tube projects we have completed. We have hundreds more projects like this and can talk to you about any questions you have. Call Scott today!


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