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Center Console 25, 30, 33, 38

Versatile workhorses, ideal for any

recreational or commercial mission.

Protector Center Consoles offer a range of multi-purpose and high-performance boats, each with a solid hull design unprecedented in its category. The Center Console’s solid laminate, fiberglass hull is built for strength and safety and the chambered hypalon tubes provide shock absorption, stability and additional flotation.

Together, the deep-V hull and UV resistant tubes create unmatched safety and performance compared to traditional hard sided boat designs. Extremely popular with LC8’s sail-racing clients (Melges One Design class for example), Protector center consoles are also growing in popularity in yacht club training schools throughout the US.

Center Console 25

The Protector CENTER CONSOLE 25 is the most popular Protector sold in New Zealand and Australia. Built for strength and endurance her solid fiberglass hull provides unmatched performance in a boat that seats 4-6 people comfortably. The handling is exceptional, and the boat feels much bigger than its 25 feet. With a weight well under 5,000lbs fully loaded, this boat is easily trailered behind any mid-size SUV (think Ford Explorer etc.); the last boat you can tow before you need to get a dedicated towing rig.

Center Console 30

The Center Console 30 is a best-selling Protector model offering exceptional performance and comfort on the water. The engine wells have been enlarged to house today's modern and large outboards, putting this boat at a top speed in excess of 60mph. The perfect day boat, tender or regatta boat the CENTER CONSOLE 30 gives you the confidence to handle any sea condition.

Center Console 33

The Protector CENTER CONSOLE 33 evolved from the Protector CENTER CONSOLE 30 owners looking for more seating and deck space for regatta support on the water. Sail changes, and gear lugging is a breeze and the luxury bench seating both aft and at the cockpit has put this tender on the map for one of the best all-time day boats or race support boats.

Center Console 38

With performance, speed and maneuverability at it's core the CENTER CONSOLE 38 provides for an exceptional multi-purpose boat. A high end RIB that can travel a fair way offshore quickly, safely and with a high degree of comfort for those on board.


Protector Center Console 25, 30, 33 and 38

Be there on the start line.

Popular among our sail-racing clients.

Protector CENTER CONSOLE hard bottom inflatable boats provide the best race support boats in the world.

Precision-engineered hull construction.

Trusted by Search and Rescue.

The precision-engineered hull construction of each Protector model fills the Captain with confidence to go anywhere in safety and comfort. Each hull is solid hand-laid fiberglass using 24-ounce roven woving layers, building up until the hull is three-quarters-of-an-inch thick on the sides and one-and-a-half-inches thick at the keel.

This approach uses proven and reliable construction techniques, and Protector has had no hull failures since its first hull was produced in 1999. The rugged hull is surrounded by an inflatable Hypalon collar with seven baffled air chambers, this provides a suspension like effect, absorbing energy and reducing the feel of pounding into the waves. Go ahead. Go anywhere.

Go ahead. Go anywhere.

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