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The ultimate performance vessel, customizable

for any utility or recreational mission.

The Protector TARGA 30 is the evolution of the Protector 28, the tried and true workhorse of the fleet for 15 years. Building on that experience, the design has been refined and modified to grow into the perfect solution for a powerful and safe boat ready for adventure while remaining easily trailerable.

Up to 700HP translates to some serious speed and power and the deep V hull design guarantees a safe and stable ride at all speeds. This boat hits all the marks and keeps going, we think of it as hitting the ‘Sweet Spot’!

Power and Motoryacht Magazine says:

"One heck of a powerboat"

“….. as the boat spun around just tighter than her 30-foot 6-inch LOA and up on its inflatable rail at such an angle that at one point I was essentially standing on the boat’s Hypalon tubes.”

New design. More horsepower.

A redesign of the deck layout includes the larger transom, allowing for the higher HP engines and extra space in the bow for the addition of an optional windlass controlled from the helm. Access to the bow is, of course, easy with the walk-through cabin synonymous to the TARGA line.

Customized to your needs.

From Bow Thruster to underwater lights, we are able to fulfill most requests easily. One of the favored options is the STIDD Shock Mitigating Captains chair, known for their use in military and USCG vessels due to their durability and functionality.

Precision-engineered hull construction.

Trusted by Search and Rescue.

The precision-engineered hull construction of each Protector model fills the Captain with confidence to go anywhere in safety and comfort. Each hull is solid hand-laid fiberglass using 24-ounce roven woving layers, building up until the hull is three-quarters-of-an-inch thick on the sides and one-and-a-half-inches thick at the keel.

This approach uses proven and reliable construction techniques, and Protector has had no hull failures since its first hull was produced in 1999. The rugged hull is surrounded by an inflatable Hypalon collar with seven baffled air chambers, this provides a suspension like effect, absorbing energy and reducing the feel of pounding into the waves. Go ahead. Go anywhere.

Also available as a Protector Center Console 30.

The PROTECTOR CENTER CONSOLE 30 reaches speeds of over 60 MPH and is the perfect hard bottom inflatable tender or regatta boat.

This hard bottom inflatable boat is the most popular center console model made by Protector boats and features a large rear seat and six additional feat of aft deck space compared to the legacy Protector 28 model.

Specs and Features

  • Length Overall: 30’6”
  • Waterline Length: 26’
  • Beam Inflated: 9’6”
  • Beam Deflated: 8’3”
  • Draft: 25” with average load
  • Weight: approx 7,900 lbs with motors, approx 9,000 lbs fully loaded with fuel & equipment
  • Fuel Capacity: 130 gallons
  • Deadrise (aft/fwd): 23/60
  • Horsepower: Twin 350 Outboards/ Single Inboard Diesel
  • Max. Capacity: 12
  • Top Speed: 65 MPH
  • Cruise Speed: 32 MPH
  • Range at Cruise: 240 miles

Go ahead. Go anywhere.

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