Arguably the biggest head turners on the water (or land!), these amphibious boats are precision-engineered in France and built to impeccable design standards. Plum-bowed, euro-sleek and ultra modern, there really is nothing else like them in the world.


A Story of Innovation

Iguana Yachts was founded with the desire to experience boating without constraints. Three french engineers and designers teamed up to create the first blueprints for a boat that does not need to be anchored, berthed, or trailered. Iguana Yachts now has customers across the globe and sets the standard for quality, luxury, and performance of amphibious crafts.


The Iguana Process

Iguana Yachts is passionate about creating hand-finished, hand-built boats. Their manufacturing plant in Normandy, France is more than 5000 square meters and is responsible for the production of every yacht they have ever produced. The plant combines state-of-the-art production facilities with unrivaled attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Available Models

  • X100
  • Classic
  • Knight
  • Exclusive
  • Expedition
  • Commuter
  • Day Limo
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